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Drug Abuse Intervention Addiction Treatment Education Videos

Reelizations Media provides video resources for drug abuse intervention and addiction treatment and education. Our videos and other addiction educational resources help alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation counselors, life skills coaches, clinical directors, therapists, social workers, and psychologists who work in hospitals, prisons, jails, correctional institutions, drug treatment centers, halfway houses, shelters, mental health centers, county governments, community centers, and addiction treatment programs.

Our addiction treatment counselor resources help counselors provide assistance to those suffering from substance abuse and chemical dependency like alcoholism and drug addiction. Our drug treatment educational resources have helped educators and treatment centers provide rehabilitation services like substance abuse treatment, behavioral health counseling, anger management, clean and sober living, relapse prevention, gambling addiction recovery, sex addiction treatment, and life skills coaching and training.

Our rehabilitation education videos and other counselor training materials have also helped correctional institution staff by providing offender materials for criminal drug offenders, and educational resources for re-entry and pre-release programs.